The Basics

Apps represent a project or a service in EnvKey. They have multiple environments like development, staging, and production. You can easy load one of these environments in development or on a server. They can have branches and local overrides. You can customize their environments, rollback to previous versions, and check audit logs. Blocks can be connected to apps in order to share re-used values across multiple apps.

Access Control


Access to apps can either be granted automatically by a user's Org Role (if they're an Org Admin or Org Owner) or on a per-app basis.

The following default app roles are available:

  • Developer: Can view or update development and staging environments. Can see whether production variables are set, but can't read their values.
  • DevOps: Can view or update development, staging, and production environments. Can manage servers. Can connect and disconnect blocks.
  • Admin: Full app permissions. Can view and update all environments. Can manage servers, manage users, manage CLI keys, and update app settings. Can connect and disconnect blocks. Can read app logs.


Custom Roles

Deeper customization of Org Roles and App Roles will be added in a future release.